CRISP Education

Hardware Solutions for Education

Hardware Solutions for Education

We offer a variety of hardware operating with the latest Software to assist modern teaching. Our education solutions consist of Interactive Flat Panel Displays, and Supportive Accessories.

Our high-end Interactive Flat Panel Displays are all in one touch displays, which are perfect for writing and drawing in classroom with wireless screen-sharing function in order to create the best environment for teaching to be collaborative and engaging.

Together with high-precision IR touch panels, teachers and students can experience smooth writing experience with high pen accuracy and high writing performance.

  • Increased Interaction & Collaboration
  • Better Student Engagement
  • Enhanced Support for All Learning Styles
  • Effective and trackable Feedback
  • Communicate important information
  • Ease of Use and user-friendlyfocus
  • Cleanliness
  • Speed and efficiency in lesson instruction
  • Classroom Management to keep classes productive and focused