CRISP Education

About Us

About Us

We focus on innovating with ICT while building user’s capacity and capability.

Global Outlook and Connectivity

Our Vision

Changing Education Paradigms to Eliminate the Education Divide.

Our Story

We have evolved over years to provide services to education institutions to get the most out of educational technology, be it in the classroom, the staffroom, the front office or the back office, in or out of school. We further support each institution for building its unique pedagogical capacity and capability.

Our Culture

We, along with our associates, draw on years of international experience and expertise in educator effectiveness, school improvement, and data analytics. Using professional expertise in evolving fields, we specialize in delivering cost-effective & time-saving solutions to our clients, by advising gold standard solutions and products. Our world-class service delivery culture has caused us to successfully create a niche for ourselves, with impeccable credentials.

Our Associates

CRISP has formed important relationships with several educational organizations around the world. We collaborate with them and other diverse partner organizations and the media to bring a collective global wisdom pool to the classrooms of India.

Innovate. Collaborate. Transform.

We enhance creativity in teaching and learning in all areas of
the curriculum and in all sectors of education.